The seedy Underarm

I’m growing out my armpit hair. The inspiration first coming from hipster feminists flaunting their own under arm locks in artsy tumblr photos. My initial reaction of “ooohhh how provocative” turned quickly to “I have armpit hair. I have no idea what it looks like.” From the first moment of it budding, I immediately began […]

Hit Me

I got punched in the stomach today. I want to tell everyone like a kid who wants to show that he has lost a tooth. I know it’s annoying to bait people like that, just so I have have an excuse to tell them about my MMA training, but the exhilaration I get from it […]

Food is Love

So what?… So what–I’m using Christmas as an excuse to do/eat all those things I’d shame myself for otherwise? It’s a holiday/vacation/mental vacation. So what I ate some cheese and drank too much? I also ate mysterious Filipino food prepared by my friend’s family to show that I’m adventurous and appreciative. That’s what this season […]