Last Call Cardio

I have to wonder why anyone is at the gym at 2:00am, why am I at the gym at 2:00am? Some divine intervention? Perhaps an accident that I’m not stumbling out of a bar right now but rather I am stumbling on a treadmill. I imagine they’re all recovering alcoholics, avoiding temptation. Or maybe their wife is a crazed Harpy and the only peace they can find is in the arms of a rowing machine. Maybe they work an overnight shift and their just getting out of work. What madness might compel someone to be here in the mostly empty echoing walls of a gym so deep into the night.

The usual gym bunny bouncing up and down on the stair master has long since abandoned her post, the muscled meatheads are surely snuggled in their beds, cuddling there protein shakes. So, it’s me and a handful of people with seemingly nowhere to go. I’m avoiding the boredom that will surely come around the corner hand in hand with the restlessness that often finds me after work and before sunrise. Idle hands are the devils play thing, apparently the devil likes to eat almond butter and drink vodka.

So I figured why not cure my often lonely boredom with something that is unarguably good for me? The time will pass if I’m laying in bed watching YouTube just as it will if I’m pumping iron. This small club of people are doing just that, passing the time. Maybe each one is writing a blog.

girls be like


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