She does what?

“She does what?” I was mystified. “She must be crazy” I remember thinking when someone told me Nicole Kidman, who often stayed in the hotel I worked at, ordered a dozen hard boiled eggs a day and asked that they only bring her the whites. Now I understand she was doing what was necessary for maintaining the body she is famous for.
When I turned 11, I asked for a block of cheese and a liter of Pepsi for my birthday (An indication that I neither needed or wanted anything important). Now, well into adulthood and with my next birthday around the corner, I’d like the type of discipline someone like Nicole Kidman has for my birthday. It can be said that it is her job to maintain her body. She is paid to look a certain way. Yet, isn’t it all of our jobs to maintain our bodies? Really, our duty to care for them because we have been fortunate enough to be given them at all? Whether or not our appearance is directly related to our finances it is undeniably essential to our well being. And by the way, appearance is always related to finances–this fact is worthy of its own blog if not several.
Suffice to say I imagine that individuals who have acquired this type of discipline have an understanding that their bodies are more than just devices for delivering pleasure to ourselves. These are the people that know deeply that we are judged every day on our appearance in big and small ways, and that these physical forms are the vehicles meant to carry us through our lives. That being said, it is clear we should do whatever it might take to keep them in excellent condition.



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