Mountain Of Excuses

I can already see the excuse forming on my lips, the one I’m going to use if summer starts and I still haven’t reached my goal:
“Well, Runyon Canyon has been closed”. I’m already practicing it in the mirror. The hiking trail just outside my front door is closed for repairs, until July 31st.
I can hear the collective whimpering of the Hollywood hotties and their tiny dogs, “what will we fill our Instagram feeds with when Sunday morning comes around??” The neighborhood is already experiencing a mass exodus, for rent signs popping up like herpes for the housing community.
So this means that I have to try harder? Like all the work I was putting in became exponentially more difficult because I have to drive to the gym a couple more days a week? Because I have to plan a little further ahead? Good thing I have already lost the idea that anything about getting into elite shape might be convenient.
I took you for granted, Runyon! I know I did! I cry as I run past the now locked fence. I promise, come August 1st, I’ll come see you all the time and quit blaming my absence on things like, “it’s too sunny and I can’t find my sunglasses”.


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