Pray the Fat Away

I’m trying to pray the fat away. But it’s more than just some magical practice. Me kneeling, asking the universe to bring me abs. It’s more than just praying that I’ll make it past the chocolate croissant display in the kitchen at my bar job. If that were a solution there would be many more toned bodies in the pews on Sunday.
Each day I pause in a prayer like fashion and meditate on the goal. I seek to be mindful of it as I pass my day, I seek to find motivation when I’m feeling defeated. I seek to know what is holding me back and the strength and discipline to eradicate myself from obstacles.
Perhaps this practice is arbitrary, and maybe I should spend less time meditating, willing myself into doing what’s good for me and more time just doing it. But something about being still for a couple moments each day and asking myself once again, “do you still want this?” Makes at least the days I say “yes” a success.
I seek in those moments, to not hate myself when I fail, but return to the spot in the peace and quiet where I ask again… “Today do you still want this?” And today the answer was yes.



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